All sessions are three hours in duration and at a cost of $25.00 per child

All bookings must be cancelled 24 hours in advance by telephoning Club Turtle directly or via reception.

The entire amount will be forfeited by the guest if they fail to attend the session or do not give the 24 hour notice for cancellation.

Late attendance will not be discounted and the $25.00 charge for three hours will apply.

The guest account will be automatically charged.

At the conclusion of the session the child will be collected promptly. A two dollar per minute per child, late fee will apply for each minute the parent is late.

After a 30 minute period a qualified carer will be contacted and the child will be looked after by this person. All costs incurred are the responsibility of the parent/guardian and will be automatically applied to their room account.

If the child does not settle in the first 30 minutes, the parent will be contacted for collection and no charge will apply.

All children must adhere to our group friendly policy outlined in the Club Turtle Reception area.

Children with disabilities may not be able to attend as we are unable to provide one on one care. Children with minor disabilities can have access to the club providing the parent stays with them to provide one on one support to their child.

We are unable to administer any medication in any form including epipens. Medication of any form will not be kept in Club Turtle. Parents will be called immediately if any injury occurs that requires attention, as well as nose bleeds. In the case of a more serious medical issue arises the parent and the Ambulance will be called immediately.

Each session has a maximum capacity of 12 children– a waitlist is held pending any cancellations.

The Club is located in Apartment 2 near guest services. Sessions vary – see reception or our website for session times.

Dinner is available during the Evening Session for an extra charge and is automatically charged to the guest account.

Guests must remain on the grounds of Turtle Beach Resort at all times

We have a ‘No Nut’ policy. Food or drink is not to be bought into the centre at any time.

Toys or personal belongings including IPODS and IPHONES are not to be brought into the centre.

A minimum of three children is required to operate Saturday and Sunday evening sessions. The parent may enter a wait list and will be called at 3.30 pm to advise if the shift will operate.


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