Live the dream at the Gold Coast Renaissance Faire! Return to the Golden Age of Shakespeare, romance and adventure! In a beautiful park setting, join costumed performers as they continually entertain and delight you with theatre, dance and music all day long.

Enjoy their excellent Shakespeare plays, fine court music of Mandolins in Brisbane and Early Music Queensland, funny antics of Homunculus Comedia del Arte, lively jigs of Sasta traditional Irish band, delightful dancers, skilful fencers and archers, children’s puppet shows , and much, much more.

The Faire is a “living theatre” that invites audience participation. Join in the fun and pageantry! Don a costume, challenge a brave swordsman, or take aim with bow and arrow and win a Queen’s favour!

There is something for all ages at the exciting, romantic and colourful Gold Coast Renaissance Faire.

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